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LOHAS Consulting with Kimberly Call

Kimberly Call provides leading edge advising on LOHAS, (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), the globally minded, environmentally committed segment of the US population that is leading the rest of the US, building and directing trends that will eventually be adopted by the US mainstream. This segment, roughly 19% of US population, is the vanguard of what is regarded as positive, progressive individual and social consciousness change and evolution.

Valuing ethical choice, environment, education, philanthropy and social responsibility, LOHAS individuals seek these factors in lifestyle, travel, political, social, economic and consumer arenas. LOHAS individuals are influential, taking action and influencing others to do so, generating trends in all areas of thought and choice.

Twenty seven year visionary consultant & designer Kimberly Call is a strategic and optimum LOHAS advisor, living the distinction long before the acronym arose both in her personal and professional lifestyle. Deeply rooted in these philosophies and values, she is well positioned to advise as to leading and emerging trends, values and viewpoints.

From her vantage point, with keen insight and perception honed from years of experience and proven predictions, Kimberly is able to see vital indicators arise well out on the horizon beyond common view. She is available to advise in all arenas: lifestyle, travel, political, social, economic and consumer choices.

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(Reference: Natural Marketing Institute’s 2010 LOHAS Consumer Trends DatabaseTM)