rts & Activism

Lifelong peace activist, environmentalist and humanitarian, Kimberly’s passions are in support of global peace, environmental protection; social justice; human rights and the rights of the natural world, protection of biodiversity, indigenous arts and cultures; the flourishing of creative arts and beauty.

As a consultant and designer, Kimberly provides visionary possibilities, bold approaches, new solutions. For over 29 years, for thousands of men and women, she has been a catalyst for re-designing reality.

Her life path has delved deeply into the power of beauty; her healing arts practice has cultivated mastery of working with "chi", energy flow in the human body and environments. Her world view is an integrated awareness that all is fluid, in-flux energy - therefore we can re-design and re-shape reality for new benefit.

The modalities and expertise Kimberly employs are rich and diverse - from linguistics, trends prediction, design & marketing analysis - to transpersonal psychology, energy awareness, wholistic therapies, ritual, communing with the subconscious.

She provides identity design, innovation and languaging campaigns, marketing advising. Kimberly designs campaigns with experiential components so participants actually encounter and embody new realities. She facilitates change - and creating the support structures to sustain it. Kimberly is deeply committed to true intelligence, beauty and wisdom reigning in human affairs, and intends her work provides new possibilities, re-interpretations, choices that foster greater well-being.

This translates into a myriad of services - indepth interviews, white board and brainstorming sessions, project design, team and personal coaching, on-site or off-site facilitation, one-on-one work, key-note speaking, workshops, retainers.

Clients attest to Kimberly’s keen commitment, dazzling diversity; engaging style and humor. As to the boundless energy and imagination that astound her clients - for the former, Kimberly gives due credit to deep breathing, spring water, organic foods, thai yoga and chi gung, and for the latter - to the endless hours studying small pebbles her mother watered down in her Pittsburgh back yard to amuse her children, to growing up in the simpler times, countryside and family farms of rural PA, making mud cakes, catching pet tadpoles, wading in woodland streams, and the countless other delights and creative endeavors of childhood.

Amongst her friends, she as known as someone who will email photos of fresh beauty just taken on a morning walk, rouse attendees to an important political event, and host ground hogs day (organic) waffle brunches in humorous honor of her home state.

The ancient Hindu creation myth of Indra’s Net depicts the fabric of all creation as a net, woven with a gem at every intersection, reflecting the whole. Kimberly vitally practices linking and networking, energizing and brightening a universe of allies.

"We are all activists, consciously, or by default. We can be attentive to and take the singular and distinct actions that are important and influential. But most of our life is daily choices - let’s shape our daily thoughts, actions and consumption into a more wise, healthful, sustainable, just, humane, beautiful and peaceful world."

Kimberly offers her services to individuals, groups, organizations, campaigns, and businesses committed to social responsibility, with sliding scale approach ranging from pro-bono for community activists upwards for non-profits, businesses and organizations.

"Nature exemplifies supreme beauty and intelligence, and we are a part of this. A mystic from a young age, I’ve deeply felt the vital necessity of restoration of human connection to this, reverence for this. In whatever ways I can, my aim is restoration, reconnecting people with their own inherent beauty, wellness, aliveness.

In traditional times, all of life was sacred, life was imbued with the awareness of this connection. We are restoring that now, in countless ways, humans are re-seeking and finding the sacred in day to day life. We see this in the establishment of yoga, Sanskrit for "union", as the single largest health trend on earth today, propelled by women, the single largest force for peace and healing on earth today. This is good news.

Natural orientation is to self-healing and wellness. Wellness is the intelligent platform to have for all of our life endeavors. We are now bringing human consciousness into alignment with wellness and peace. This bright future is attainable, and the growing global community and commitment to world health & peace and honoring of diversity that is happening now - is building the most invincible power the world has yet seen. All reality shifts that we can create now that build wellness benefit this larger good."

- Kimberly Call