"Life Renewal" Client speaks about her

"I am a single, attractive, successful business woman in my 50's, but before I started working with Kimberly, I was not 'feeling' attractive, and I had lost my personal sparkle. I was dressing to hide myself in black, baggy clothes and had a poor body image.

After spending quality time to get to know me and my goals, Kimberly designed a whole person approach of revitalization. We set my March birthday as a goal, and then embarked upon a three month timeline including...
  • Wardrobe evaluation, design and shopping to add fresh updated styles and colors that brought out the real 'me'
  • Home evaluation - space clearing sessions to eliminate clutter, rearrange and create fresh new space, to which we added simple things like fresh touches and fabulous romantic colors
  • Kitchen clearing and visit to Whole Foods which gave me a great new repertoire for health-conscious eating
  • Coaching that lifted my attitude, mood, deportment and the way I was carrying myself - which I came to learn speaks more than a thousand words
  • Private health and beauty day at Kimberly's home which was nurturing and inspiring
  • Support calls to keep me proactive and progressing with my goals each week.
It's been a wonderful and rewarding journey in so many ways.

Her enthusiasm is contagious; her commitment kept me going, her style made it fun, and her imagination made the most of my time and resources.

I am feeling so much more alive and attractive. People are asking, 'What did you do?' or 'Did you lose weight?'.

I have a bounce in my step and a more positive sense of self.

Kimberly is a true artist and master who will work with you to create magic in your life.

Sondra Card
Executive Recruiter
Menlo Park, CA

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