eauty & the Bride...

For most women, this is a most special time of their lives, making lifelong dreams come true. Making everything special, wonderful and memorable is Kimberly's speciality.

She can work in collaboration with your wedding consultant or planner and integrate existing overall wedding themes into your dress and wardrobe needs, or she can help you invent those design themes from the beginning. She can help you select your dress, or you can call her in to help you with everything to complement the dress, and every other event and wardrobe need from your engagement to your honeymoon.

There may be parties, celebrations, intimate dinners, bridal showers, spa days, rehearsal dinner, wedding night, morning after brunch and send-offs, and resort or other travel needs - and Kimberly can prepare you for each by both working with what you already have and planning and shopping in advance for new wardrobe pieces with or without you.

Kimberly works with brides of diverse budgets, so please feel free to call her and discuss your individual needs in the complimentary consultation she offers.

Menu of Services:
  • Design & concepts for overall themes & key choices of wedding
  • Selection of wedding dress & all accessories
  • Design of complimenting hairstyle & makeup choices
  • Wardrobe review & planning session for overall needs
  • Shopping for all events, parties and honeymoon needs
  • From lingerie to resort wear, Kimberly knows the best resources & specialty boutiques to suit your needs & budget

Testimonial from happy bride:

"Kimberly was a dream come true in making my wedding dreams come true!...

How can I describe her spectrum of talents and contributions? First, she was a marvel and miraculously helped me look and feel fantastic for every occasion, with a special outfit or special touch for each event - and all within my budget. Kimberly made the most of special pieces I already had, and found ways to diversify looks with creative changes of great new accessories. From dressy to casual - we did it all, from tea with the girls, to jeans and picnic at the beach, from dressy shower to spa chic - in the four months we worked together, every event was a new delight and adventure I was ready for! She saved the day assisting me in finding the right makeup and hair artist. We had the perfect lingerie for every outfit. She overlooked no detail - she took me from REI to prepare me for tropic jungle hiking - to the Chanel counter for perfect lipstick and nail color for each outfit - she does it all! Her energy, stamina and enthusiasm is awesome and kept me going when I was tired and overwhelmed. It was always a joy to see her, a breath of fresh air in my overloaded calender. Not only did she take care of my fashion needs, but she constantly supported me in my wellbeing - from finding an organic lunch café in my neighborhood, to reminders to breathe, drink water, and enjoy life along the way. The best was taking her up on her invite to take a dedicated day off with my fiancé for a spa day 3 days before the wedding, which she orchestrated and provided at her beautiful healing arts studio in Marin. It was sheer heaven, we will always remember and cherish that day, the oasis of calm it was, and the groundedness it helped us bring to being truly present for our wedding. She is a great and wise spiritual resource as well.

You couldn't find someone more creative, knowledgeable, dedicated, imaginative and resourceful - she was totally committed to making the most of my means to fulfill my dreams. And what an ultimate romantic advisor, too! Every day of my honeymoon was a surprise delight for my husband, thrilled with his new wife, with romantic lingerie, aromatherapy candles, scented massage lotions, and love poetry. It was magic. She is truly a magician, and we both feel fortunate to have benefited from her magic touch.

I couldn't have been a happier, and more supported bride!
Thank you, Kimberly!"

Ms. Susan Patton, Architect, San Francisco

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