Raw food & beauty...
timeless wisdom, ageless beauty...

Kimberly Call

28 year professional consultant & beauty advisor, certified wholistic health practitioner & natural gourmet chef, Kimberly shares her lifelong study of radiant health and glowing beauty practices from all over the world!

This is the primer, lifestyle support, classes and coaching for people with families, jobs, full lives - showing you how it really can be easy, fun, delicious, beautiful and worthwhile!

Raw, organic, local & world-benefiting...

Raw foods are rich in living enzymes that help metabolize and convert to dynamic energy. It's not what we eat - it's what we assimilate and metabolize. Cooked foods can be heavy and burdening upon the systems, and take extra energy to digest and process. Learn how to use select raw food to metabolize and balance, and ease into it at your pace. Kimberly will show you how to integrate and develop the personal balance that works for you.

Kimberly will show you how to build your repertoire in fun, doable ways, a week at a time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and special treats - Kimberly amazes with her simplicity and imagination.

Kimberly supports organic as much as possible; local is best. Best to buy direct and support farmers markets - supporting the farmers, food right from the fields, fresher, saving energy of transport and refrigeration; saving ecosystems.

Eating is a political statement - Kimberly's philosophy: let's make it as conscientious as possible. Eating local, sustainably grown food is one of the most important, powerful and positive political statements we can make. Creating eco-habits - such as always carrying in the car and using reuseable canvas bags and glass bottles; avoiding single use "disposables" and wasteful paper and toxic plastics consumption - all is part of her lifestyle coaching.

Sparkling fresh beauty...
from fresh delicious ingredients made in your own kitchen!

Foods are medicines inside and out; beauty comes from using wonderful foods and plants inside and out. Learn about foods and plants that have been revered for centuries for healing in cultures around the world. Make your bath & kitchen a home spa!

Kimberly shares ancient traditions and regimens for natural beauty and inspires all she works with in private sessions, classes and coaching. Learn how to select and prepare products for your own skin and body care, and make luscious and energizing facials right in your own kitchen! Delight in products you make yourself for regular and special use. Learn herbs, fruits, flowers and foods revered for baths, special healing, cleansing and moisturizing properties. For true rejuvenation, you will want to create your own spa practices at home!

Please call Kimberly to discuss your interests and needs, and how she can personalize for you. From demonstrations to practice, theory and philosophy to guided tours of her kitchen and re-orgs at yours! Kimberly provides private or group classes at her home or yours; and hands-on sessions at farmers markets and natural food stores. Kimberly is renowned for her fun, engaging style, fascinating wealth of knowledge and inspiring and empowering all she works with!

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